One of the most difficult challenges that homeowners face when considering a renovation is determining exactly what should be done over the course of the re-modeling so that maximum value is received within their budget.

We have found that the process we go through to help the homeowner in determining the scope of their renovation reduces the stress and challenges that may result when working with a renovator who does not have our breadth of experience.  On first blush the homeowner may consider the task of setting out the scope of work on the renovation daunting, but with our qualified staff this process goes smoothly and is very enjoyable.

We begin the process by having our team of construction and design experts meet with the homeowner.  We interview the homeowner extensively to understand fully what they are considering, and then offer various alternatives and cost-effective solutions. We also provide diagrams and sketches of the various alternatives for their consideration, to help envision what the renovation will look like after the work is complete.

Our extensive experience allows us to quickly and easily make exceptional design recommendations that will provide everlasting value to the homeowner. Our plans are not only efficient in design, but are also “future proofed” so that if the home is ever sold the renovation will add maximum value to its sale price.

While we will provide recommended specifications for all finishing materials, electrical and plumbing fixtures, we work closely with our sub-trades and suppliers to ensure that the homeowner has a wide range of selections to choose from.

It normally takes several meetings to finalize the scope of the renovation.  Once that is complete, we provide the homeowner with a contract that includes the budget, construction schedule and details of the specifications.

In addition to our dedication to quality workmanship, our membership in industry associations and our third-party warranty provide peace of mind to anyone considering us for their renovation project.  We are members of RenoMark, a program of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association which requires that we maintain a very high level of professionalism.  In addition, we are members of the Better Business Bureau and are fully licensed and bonded by the Province of Alberta.  All of our sub-trades, suppliers, design specialists and engineering consultants are committed to providing only the highest quality advice, workmanship and materials to each project. Our work is backed up by an extensive third-party warranty which includes 2 years on all workmanship, materials and mechanical, 5 years against structural defects, $25,000 in deposit security and $200,000 in total warranty.

Most recently, our affiliate company Assured Communities Ltd. was awarded the “Platinum Award of Distinction” by the Alberta New Home Warranty Program for 20 continuous years without a single unresolved service claim for new homes and condominiums.  This milestone award is difficult to achieve and very few builders have done so.  That same high level of professionalism and commitment exists in Assured Custom Renovations Ltd.  Our long history and dedicated solution-focused team is extremely well-qualified to guide and direct all large scale renovations with a watchful eye on the budgetary concerns of our clients.

In short, you will not go wrong having Assured Custom Renovations Ltd. work with you on your renovation project!